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Serena Singh

Fine Artist

based in Switzerland

Serena Singh embodies color and texture, and leaving no space on her canvas, as she paints for her audience, a medley of vibrant tones!


Fascinated by the image of the human figures, Serena connected with drawing at an early age. Inspired by the television heroes of her childhood, Serena's own work is heavily influenced by power, alongside the invincibility and responsibility that coincides with fulfilling the role of a hero.


A serious boxer since the age of fifteen, Serena relished the power and self-enrichment that the sport offered. However, three years later a shoulder injury forced her to pause training and refocus her energy. What began as an initial way to counteract a weakened body, soon blossomed into an outlet focused on showcasing empowerment.


The development of a body of work containing powerful figures reminiscent of Greek gods, highlight Serena’s art as pieces that embrace the duality of the human condition; often representing confidence, vulnerability and popularity paired with isolation and similar opposing emotions that form the basis of human life.


She does this with elegant strokes of the brush that produce an unique palette of the color spectrum, bringing to life what would have been nothing more than a simple assortment of lines and paint!


Filled with vibrant color influenced by her Swiss and Indian upbringing, Serena creates portraits that are often tiptoeing between reality and the abstract; with her art being cherished by collectors in Dubai, the United States and Switzerland.


Serena was a student at the School of Art Basel and holds a BA in Visual and Corporate Communication from the Academy of Fashion and Design in Munich, Germany.

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